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How Your Salesforce CSV Translates to Fuze

All of the contact fields in the Salesforce CSV can be imported into Fuze as custom fields. You will be able to easily search, filter, and sort by any custom field. You can also add additional custom fields in Fuze that aren't part of the Salesforce CSV, which is useful if you have info specific to your chapter that you'd like to track. When you create a new Fuze account, your account will automatically have custom fields set up to match the fields in Salesforce.

Note: If you have an existing Fuze account and want to take advantage of the CSV import, you will need to manually create the custom fields/tags below.

By default, we create the following custom fields in this order:

Field NameField TypeOption ValuesLive Form Visibility
Shown, not required
Academic StatusSelect"Incoming First-Year Student",
"Transfer Student",
"Ongoing Undergrad Student", "Graduate Student or Post-Doc",
"Faculty or Administrator",
Shown, required
Academic Status (Other)Text
Shown, not required
Spiritual ProfileChecklist"not a Christian but interested in learning more about God.",
"a Christian that wants to grow in my faith.",
"a Christian that wants to share my faith with other.",
"a Christian interested in leadership opportunities.",
Shown, required
Spiritual Profile (Other)Text
Shown, not required
Focused MinistriesText
Not shown
Focused Ministries (Other)Text
Not shown
Not shown
Contact Card: Contact Card NumberText
Not shown
Contact Card: Created DateText
Not shown

We also automatically create the following tags, which align with InterVarsity's ministries:

  1. Asian American
  2. BCM
  3. La Fe
  4. Native American
  5. Greek
  6. Arts
  7. International Student Ministry
  8. NCF
  9. Grad
  10. Black Scholars and Professionals
  11. Professional Schools Ministry
  12. Faculty

When importing the Salesforce CSV, we will automatically map the Focused Ministries to the relevant tags in the same way that InterVarsity does it in Salesforce.

In addition to importing a CSV, you can also manually add contacts and have contacts enter in their info directly through a live form.

Importing the Salesforce CSV

After your Fuze account is configured the way you'd like it (custom fields, tags, etc), importing the Salesforce CSV into Fuze is a breeze with our step-by-step wizard.

No modifications to the CSV are required most of the time. The import preview will warn you if there are any columns that aren't in Fuze or if there are any custom fields in Fuze that aren't in the CSV.

Advanced Tips

  • Assuming that you have the same tags that we auto-generate, when importing the Salesforce CSV, we will automatically map the Focused Ministries to the relevant tags in the same way as how InterVarsity does it in Salesforce. You can omit the "Tags" column from the CSV.
  • The column name in the CSV must match the name of the custom field. If you'd like to name your custom field differently in Fuze, make sure you update the column name in the CSV accordingly when importing.

That's it! You're ready to start using Fuze to manage follow-up with your team! Learn more here.