Sometimes, you'll end up with duplicate contacts in your system. While potential duplicates are shown when adding a contact from the Fuze website, it's still possible that a contact added themselves through the live form multiple times.

Never fear! We have an easy way to merge duplicate contacts and keep your records accurate.

From the Contacts page, select exactly two contacts to merge. Then click on the "Merge Duplicates" button.

This will bring up a pop up with all of the different contact fields. The pop up shows what the final merged result will look like. If a field can be merged without any of your input (e.g. only one contact has the field filled out), it will be done automatically. However, if the values for a field are different between the two contacts, you will need to select which one the merged contact will have.

After resolving all the field conflicts, you will be able to merge the two contacts. The changes will be merged into the contact that was added first. If you want to resolve a conflict with a custom value that is not one of the two existing values, simply edit the contact after merging. You can easily delete the other contact (if you have permission) by clicking the checkbox that says "Delete old contact after merging".

Happy merging!