There may be times when you or your organization would like to email all of the contacts, or a particular selection of contacts in your database. The best way to accomplish this task is by downloading a CSV with all of the contact information you need. 

  1. Navigate to the "Contacts" page
    1a.    If you would like to download a particular selection of contacts, make sure to "Filter by" the corresponding tag before moving on.

  2. Click the "Download CSV" button in the upper right hand corner

  3. Once you click the button, follow the instructions in the widget

  4. When the file is finished downloading, open it in a corresponding spreadsheet program (i.e. Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets). The spreadsheet will include all of the information you have collected from each contact. 

  5. Next, simply select and copy the email column, and paste all of the emails into your preferred email client. You will then be able to email all selected contacts at once!