When first logging in, you as a user will be taken to your personal Dashboard. This page displays all relevant follow-up information and assignments for you personally. There are several major areas and pieces of information that you should be aware of as a user. 

Connection Summary

First, at the top of the page you will see four boxes labelled: No Connection, First F2F Connection, 2x More Connections, and Total Connections. 

Each of these boxes will list the total number of contacts assigned to you that fall in each respective category. Using the example shown above, if you have been assigned 38 contacts, and you have followed up with half them, the boxes may read 19, 18, 1, 38 (From left to right). This would mean that of the 38 total contacts, you have not followed up with 19 of them, you have spoken with 18 of them one time, and you have spoken with 1 of them at least 2 or more times.

Follow-Up Assignments

Below these boxes is the most useful portion of your dashboard, your Follow-Up Assignments. This is where all of the contacts you have been assigned to follow up with are listed.

This list will show you basic information for every contact you have been assigned, including connection status, contact info, and your personal follow-up task list. If you would like to edit information for any contact, simply click on their name (Next to their connect status) and you will be taken to their individual contact page where you can edit any and all information.

Updating Contact Connection Status

You can update your assigned contact's connection status directly from the dashboard by clicking on their name from the list on the left, then clicking on their current connection status (to the right of their name). Then you may select their new connection status from the drop-down menu and click the blue checkmark to save it.

Adding Tasks

As mentioned above, you can also assign yourself tasks to aid in your follow-up. Many users find this is helpful to give practical milestones for them to complete and personalize their follow-up for each contact. To add a task, simply type the task into the open field (seen above) and click "Add Task." Once you have completed this task, you can check the box and cross it off of your list. 

Adding New Contacts

The last common function you will access from the dashboard is the "Add New Contact" widget. When you want to add a new contact, you can simply click the "Add New Contact" button in the left-hand navigation menu, and the Add New Contact widget will pop-up.