When following up with contacts assigned to you as a user, you will often need to update their contact information, as well as follow-up status.

To update an existing contact, simply go to the contacts page and search for their name in the system. Once you have found them you can immediately update certain information, such as their connection status, tags, or the leader assigned to follow-up with them. To edit more specific contact information or add tasks and notes, simply click on the contact name and you will be taken to their personal page.

Once you are on their personal profile page you can simply click on any information field to update personal information, connection status, who the contact is assigned to, etc.

To update connection status: click on the current connection status and select their new connection status from the dropdown menu.

To update contact information: click on the field of information you would like to update, insert the new information, and click the check to save the new information.

To add a follow-up task for yourself to complete: Insert a new task into the "Add Task" field and click the Add Task button to save it to your task list. When you have completed a task you may click the checkbox to mark it as completed. (Tasks are meant to aid you in setting personalized and attainable goals for individual follow-up)