A live form is an online form automatically generated for your Fuze account where contacts can submit their own info directly into Fuze. There are a few ways organizations typically use a live form:

  • Set up a laptop/tablet with the live form at an in-person event
  • Embed or link the live form in the organization's website
  • If doing 1:1 in-person outreach, quickly pull up the live form in the Fuze mobile app and have the other person enter their info

You can access your organization's live form (if enabled) from the Profile dropdown in the top right.

The form contains the same info as "Add Contact" inside of Fuze, with the following exceptions:

1. In Organization Settings, you can configure which basic contact fields are required (email, phone number, address).

2. In Organization Settings, you can select which custom fields show up and are required on the live form.

3. The live form does not show Fuze internal fields such as comments, tags, events, and who they're assigned to.

Once an individual enters their info, they will be stored as a contact and can be assigned and updated by users. For info on how to configure the live form for your organization, see here.