Live forms are an option for collecting contact data at large events, where individuals will be signing up themselves. This is most efficiently used for organizations who are tabling and using a laptop or tablet for individuals to add themselves to the Fuze system. The form can be seen below:

The form contains the same info as "Add Contact" inside of Fuze, with the following exceptions:

1. In Organization Settings, you can configure which fields are required (email, phone number, address).

2. In Organization Settings, you can select which custom fields show up on the live form.

3. The live form does not show Fuze internal fields such as comments, tags, events, and who they're assigned to.

 Once an individual enters their info, they will be stored as a contact and can be assigned and updated by users at a later date. You can set up live form notifications to send an email to a group whenever someone is added via the live form.