Once you have created a new period, you will see it listed in the top right hand corner of the screen, with a note next to it stating that you are "viewing inactive period"

This means that no contacts have been added to this period as of the current date. When you switch to an active period you will see a star next to the name, as pictured below:

In order to make our period active you must one again go to your Organization Settings, then click on the corresponding edit button next to the period name that you want to make active. Once you have done this, a pop-up will open with the manage periods settings:

You will be able to choose from a number of options before making your period active. These options control how much information is transferred over from the previous period. We recommend that if you are still working in the same school year, you copy all of the information by checking all three boxes. However, if you are creating a period that will begin in a new school year, you only transfer over the information that will carry over as well. For example, if you are beginning a new year, and therefore getting new Users in the system and changing your follow-up tags, you will not need to transfer that information.

Once you have selected which information you would like to copy to the new period, click "Make Period Active" and you will will be working in the new period. It will be of utmost importance to immediately update all user and tag information in order to keep your period up to date.