Let's say you're at a live event, and you want contacts to be able to fill out a form and add themselves to the system right there. You can do so with the live form!

Click on the dropdown on the top right with your name. You should see a link called "Live Form."

Clicking on the link will open up a new window/tab with a form that is specific to your organization. Contacts can add themselves to your system by simply filling out the form. The form is up 24/7, and there is no need to be logged in. You might even want to put the link on your website and have contacts go directly into the system from there. Note that all of your custom fields also appear on the live form.

However, the following will NOT appear on the form and will need to be filled out manually afterwards:

  • Events the contact attended
  • Tags
  • Who the contact is assigned to
  • Comments