Depending on the needs of your organization, you may want to track specific information for each contact. Therefore, you can create custom fields of information in addition to the standard fields included for every organization: name, email, phone, and address. 

To add a custom field click on your username in the upper right corner, then select Organization Settings.

Once in Organization Settings, select the Add New Field button.

This action will prompt a pop-up window to appear, from which you can name your new category and select the input style. Be sure to also fill in a number which corresponds to the placement of each specific custom field in the order of the overall form. (i.e. Put the number 1 for the field you would like to appear first, 2 for the field that you would like to be second, etc. etc.)

There are four types of information input style for any given category: Text, Select, Date, & Checklist

1) Text: This type will allow users to manually type in the particular information for each contact (Ex: Nicknames, Spiritual Background, etc.)

2) Select: This type allows the administrator to set particular options that users can choose from (Ex: Year in school, age, etc.) When using this option, make sure to enter options as comma separated values.

3) Date: This type will automatically add a calendar on the "Add New User" form from which users can select dates.

4) Checklist: This type will allow you to create multiple options from which a contact can choose, and allow them to select more than one option. (This type is most often used for an "Interested in" type section, where contacts will select which facet of your organization they are interested in receiving more information about.) As with the Select type, enter options as comma separated values.

Once you have finished creating all of your organization-specific categories they will appear as available input options in the "Add New User" window. If you ever discover that there is a new, unique piece of information that your organization would like to track, you can easily return to the Organization Settings page and follow this same process.